What most people will not tell you about Disruptive Innovation

Based on a famous quotation that’s floating around, the single steady thing on the planet, is change. There is great truth in this quote, especially where technology is concerned and the tumultuous impact it’s had on our everyday lives. Such technologies or companies’ list can be endless but I have compiled a few that I felt greatly affected. The innovations have appreciably changed the way I do common things. A couple of the of them made material possible where they were not before, while a couple of them lead to better productivity. Let us look at these amazing invention and I am hoping you love them.

Using technology as a way of making payments is fast growing, and Apple Pay is one of the latest technologies for this goal. I’ve made it a custom in the last couple of years to not carry money with me when I go out. My chief mode of payment has always been through credit card and with the advent of Apple Pay charge card use is bound to be much easier. Since I started using Apple Pay, and I was one of its most early adopters, I haven’t discovered or thought of any other service that could be better than this. You might think there are barely any differences with this technology in comparison to using similar payment modes, but after you’ve tried it outside, you will be patiently awaiting the day when Apple Pay is taken everywhere.

Social media as a concept had been with us for decades, but it was Facebook that made it a critical portion of our day-to-day living and also an international reality. Facebook is not without its controversy but its influence is really huge that nearly all the World political leaders are covering Facebook as a political medium. Some Facebook users depend on the site to reconnect with old friends and maintain contact with their loved ones who may live in other countries or states. As of end of 2014, Facebook boasts of almost a billion users, making its database the largest on the globe. I always wonder when that day will come when every individual on this planet is a Facebook user.

Instagram has altered the way pictures are shared by us all over the planet, it’s a far cry from it’s modest beginning as a novelty program that existed to share adorable picture of cats and other trivialities. The graphics clicked from the smartphones could be easily recreated to dispositions and various thoughts using the built in filters. The rising popularity of the photo-station was viewed as a significant threat by Facebook, which in turn compelled it to spend a whopping $1 billion to acquire Instagram. This is a huge figure, keeping in mind that Instagram had only 13 employees at that time.


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The most’m not technology savvy as such, so I can stay useful, but I do attempt to remain updated with the most recent technologies surfacing in human lives. Many new technologies are being innovated. And by the looks of it, technology disruptions and the endless changes in our lives won’t end. There are sectors and companies waiting to be revolutionized by technology. If there are any exciting technologies that you feel you need to share with us, or you also have some remarks to make about what I shared here, please feel at liberty to drop new ones underneath.

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Apple: Craziest and most uncommon facts

In the modern era, Steve Jobs, the world lost one of the very most enigmatic of 2011′s business leaders and innovators in it. While it has been years since his passing, Apple turned out to be 2014′s most valuable organization on earth, which is testament to Jobs’ heritage. Apple has still remained the same firm that was close that it consistently has been, even several years following the passing of Occupations. There are many fascinating facts that few people know about this highly reputed firm. Let’s analyze a number of the most fascinating facts about Apple Inc. The list below presents some unknown facts about Apple who are manufacturers of iPads and the radical iPods.

According to a study in 2013, Apple’s revenue per employee is ‘off the chart’. Each Apple employee brings in a staggering $2. 13 million in revenue for the business. This is an insane number in the event you consider that each IBM employee just brings in less than $250,000 in revenue for the business. Trailing behind in the 2nd position is the $500,000 along with Cisco sales each worker brings in is still far- fetched from what the employee brings in. amount each AppleIt would be interesting to find if shattering their particular record would even be possible later on, and how much Apple is determined to push on with this kind of tendency.

One of the most prominent facts about Apple is their incredible sales rates on each new product they release. Apple sells close to 40 million iPhones every quarter. This would mean that close to 400,000 iPhones are being sold every day, by performing some easy maths. The global childbirth rate is not more than this number. As of 2014, the this number stands at around 300,000 per day. To satisfy the demand, in 2014 Apple made almost 500,000 handsets in a day in their iPhone 5s chain.

Now that we are at the dawn of the new millenium, Apple continues to amaze all of us at how well they have done. Both as a company and as the Apple brand, they nevertheless keep on shattering people’s beliefs of what has been thought as actually achievable. Apple carries on, flying higher than any person would ever have envisioned. Steve Jobs’ departure in 2011 made Tim Cook a huge shoes . Despite all of the doubt, we have now seen that Tim Cook and his team are capable of maintaining the business’s growth and performance. But we understand that nothing lasts for eternity. The coming few years will be fascinating and everybody will be intently observing if the planned Apple’s launch of watch will be an additional success or failure.

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Facts you may not have heard about “Weirdest Places in the World”

You would discover a lot of things but also make you question the logic behind their origins and ends, in case you took a tour around the globe. There are weird areas some which are in calm locations while others are populated cities that have a booming publicity and reputation. As someone who adores discovering and traveling uncommon things concerning our world, I have as of late compiled a list of the most unusual places to be ever found. I’ve not been to almost all of them but I’ve added them to my list and I will definitely give them a visit if there is a chance. I believed I’ll share them here and I am hoping you will love them.

Ask individuals that is the most populated city on world and you will without doubt get answers like Manhattan or Tokyo from the majority of them. It turns out that while these cities are inhabited, it is nowhere as dense as Kowloon. Many people find this to be unbelievable since those who have been to Tokyo or Manhattan believed the limit is about there. If a city is more densely populated, it’s difficult to imagine how anyone could bear to reside within it. That is certainly what the residents of Kowloon have been living in for many years now. Kowloon’s population density is actually around 5 times higher than that of New York.

In this era of 21st century science and technology, lots of us wouldn’t purchase the idea of superstitions and speaking to the dead. That’s the reason Lily Dale might be the most eerie location to call home. Integrated back in 1879, Lily Dale is a spot that’s assembled with the aim of religious advancement. But if the idea of speaking to the unseen or invisible will not scare you and you are searching for something to fill your spirit that is beyond substance worth, this might be the perfect spot for you. Induction courses are conducted all-year round with the likes of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra being some of the most celebrated guest lecturers there.

Located south of Tokyo is a town called Miyakejima island and it really is among the most bizarre place on world because everyone who is living in this city will need to carry a gas mask. The reason is since they’re dwelling in the heart of Mt Oyama where it’s considered to be among the most deadly volcano. A public crisis system stands by ready to alert residents of any upsurge in noxious gas. I constantly wonder why these people still choose to return to place their lives at such hazard. Maybe we people are wired in some ways that we cannot wholly comprehend, or so I imagine.

This really is most likely the least list of strange areas, but then again when considering bizarre areas on the planet to visit no list is too long. Frankly, these areas outdo my imagination and finding the presence of these areas taught me to have a more open mind. Though some of these weird locations sound too frightening for me, I like to give them a visit some day. A thousand words may be described by an image but I’m sure experience and the feeling is something you can get only when you land your feet on such places. More bizarre places will be found, that’s for sure hence I will try and keep updating this list.

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What I learn pertaining to the Wireless Facts & Myths

The planet is now an area that was sophisticated, almost every apparatus here can be connected. We are at the dawn of a brand new age, the age referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’ by many, where the use of technology is prevalent far and wide. The wirelessly linked devices are a blessing to our lives and they make controlling various every day tools a simple task. Though none of us can even envision escaping from the reality of living in this wireless world, I set out to find some common yet interesting myths and assumptions related to it, and let’s carry on to seek out whether these are certainly baseless or they really hold some truth about them.

Wireless devices emit electromagnetic waves which cannot be avoided unless you live in an exceedingly remote area with no such technology. WiFi technology is some thing that’s found in nearly every house these days. One crucial question that lingers in our heads, and is regularly put up for discussion, is how these wireless transmissions influence our wellbeing. Lots of studies are carried out with concerns being raised by some about the carciogenic effect of these wireless transmission. Yet, so far it appears like none of those studies has been able to conclusively link these wireless transmissions to any considerable health hazards. To be honest, I genuinely love my wireless devices, but I am still a little bit paranoid about this. I will attempt to keep my devices some distance away when I am not using them, while I’m not completely sure about it.

A lot of people think that higher speed consistently equal better performance, particularly now that there are new WiFi routers. Most people don’t understand that the actual performance is dependent upon their mobile devices connected through the routers. The reason the latest Wi-Fi routers are able to attain such speed is because they can support the latest standards that require the utilization of multiple antennas for the transmission. For your mobile to be capable of using the speed delivered, it has to additionally support the latest standards. So the next time when you look for a router, the very first thing you should check is the limitation introduced by your devices, instead of just selecting a router that is most rapid of all only to end up in sheer disappointment.

Large part of the individuals are beginning to believe wireless connections is as reliable as traditional wired connections now that wireless devices outnumber wired devices. This can be determined by the way how you examine the issue whether this is a real fact or a bogus premise. Most folks will not be competent to judge the difference between the two types of connections, should you contemplate just speed as a variable, then according to me. As far as physical connections are concerned, they constantly have a chance that something may get damaged or go wrong. But this is where comes the realization it could not be multiple times easy when it comes to troubleshooting wireless connections.

The use of wired technology is nearing its end, this is what some people have begun to call. This idea does make sense when you find virtually every apparatus being wirelessly capable. But I really don’t think if you think about it deeper, it hit exactly correct on the mark. Let us consider for example the wireless sound streaming that’s made possible with the use of Bluetooth technology. Rechargeable batteries in still require a cable to be recharged every now and then though most of these devices have a rechargeable battery. Before a total wire replacement arrives on the scene, there are hundreds of dependability issues that will have to be addressed. Personally, I actually don’t find this occurring in any foreseeable future.

It’s an indisputable truth that our very lives is currently affecting. Understanding how some folks completely misunderstood wireless technology has been pretty informative for me. I am not a wireless pro and what I’ve discussed here is nothing more than my private view on a subject matter that I believe is intriguing. I just wanted to hopefully separate the facts from fictions with this particular simple article. My expertise regarding the issue is limited, and I might be mistaken about various things, so don’t hesitate to talk about your views regarding the same in the remarks.


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Why I think Thailand is awesome

If there is one slogan I can describe my existence, it will be that I live to travel. Even lesser are the places whose memories are etched in my head for life. Thailand is unquestionably among the rare gems. But as far as my experience goes, all has been well and I could barely think of every other place that can provide the type of worth for the money like what Thailand has to offer.


Bangkok, as the capital of Thailand, assures a lot of excitement and surprises. Being a bigger city it is, you are able to expect a city that’s a lot more energetic than all other cities in the country. The listing of draw is never-ending and the Bangkok food Road Marketplace is just one of them. I am especially impressed with the Chatuchak weekend market. It’s like a giant melting-pot where you really get to enjoy the different culinary delights from distinct parts of Thailand. Subsequently there is the Tuk Tuk experience which is unlike any other.

Phuket is the next-most well-known destination after Bangkok. Laying on the outer most tip of the state, Phuket has among the most awesome beaches in the whole world. But it is the 2006 Tsunami that shot Phuket to recognition to the world and it was for no-good reason. I have gone to Phuket several instances but fortunately, I wasn’t there when the Tsunami hit. If there is one thing that you need to attempt when seeing Phuket, it would be the beach massage. I can’t think of much better spot to have massage than setting on the shore as you see the sun comes down gradually in your horizon.

It addresses such places as Krabi and Koh Samui and they are definitely places that you must not miss when you are planning your vacation itinerary to the state. What makes me surprised is the nevertheless pristine beaches you’ll be able to find in these areas despite the substantial tourism presence which normally have triggered over-commercialisation. There is barely any such area anymore nowadays. Don’t neglect to check the calendar to ensure that the time of your visit does not coincide with the monsoon period when you’d find many attractions to be shut.

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Breadmaker Buying Guide 2014

If you have watched the movie “It Is Complicated”, the image of Meryl Streep’s Bakery will be etched deep in your heart and sure to stoke the fervent fire of any bread fanatics. When there is a questionnaire of culinary art that finds tremendous interest but also appreciable share of dropout, it’ll be bread making. This only goes to show the level of difficulty involved with mastering a piece of artwork and this one isn’t any exception. Passion is no doubt important but it requires true dedication and tenacity to reach certain level of mastery. Getting started with your own bread making at home used to be a painful procedure that needs tremendous amount of investment that range from the oven, dough mixer and several other add-on. All appears set to change with the introduction of bread maker. The best bread maker undoubtedly allows you to bake with ease but it doesn’t imply you can take a candle to the professional forthwith. Let us see some interesting points to consider when one is hunt for the best bread maker.

Plain white bread may function as the most consumed type of bread but if you have it on day-to-day basis, it will likely be in no time which you get bored with its taste. It does not take great command to bake plain white bread. But if that’s what your primary purpose is, you may be better off with some of the best entry-level bread machines as the more costly versions will be an overkill with this case. But as you come across more bread maker reviews shared by the others, you will learn the addition of fruits and nuts can significantly enrich the taste of your bread. It depends upon the bread maker that you’re getting and some of them might allow you do with ease although some may require more steps. The basic and usually more economical bread maker versions will merely provide a beep as indicator the time is right to fall your fruits and nuts. There are some models like Breville BBM800XL that handily does it for you but of course this can be a characteristic that is generally reserved for the more costly models.

The integral timer that becomes an ever more common function in several bread makers has been praised by several bread maker proprietors. The idea behind the timer function is none other than to let you tell the machine when it should start the baking procedure. There are few occasions where this feature is invaluable. One scenario is where you adore waking to the aroma of freshly baked loaf of bread in the morning. Additionally, there are those who desires to have their bread freshly baked for lunch as soon as they arrive home after a long day of work. The notion is for you to prepare all the ingredients, fall them in to the machine so that the machine can begin baking when it’s programmed to do that. It’s recommended that you just go through the relevant bread maker assessments and not to bypass the manual. No one gets it right in the first test & most people want at least few rounds of experiments before they can be in command of their new gadget.


In order for a appliance to promote well, appearance plays an essential role. In the end, no one wants a high performance equipment that is too horrible to sit on the countertop. If layout and esthetic is a huge concern to you, you may want to opt for the stainless steel body options instead of the plastic alternative. You might want to remember the best stainless bread makers are often more costly than say the best bread makers made from plastic body. Going for well-established bread maker brands like Cuisinart is generally a safe guess as these brands are normally valued for their modern designs.

For the typical family who yearns for preservative-free loaves of bread, automatic bread maker is most likely one of the finest initiation. For any family trying to find easy and practical solution to revamp their health and food consumption, investing in bread maker allows them do just that and easily. Do not overlook that a healthy head begins with a healthy body. What’s important in choosing a candidate for the best bread machine is to recognize your demand and taste and do not blindly go for the most expensive versions. No one will be able to master their baking skill overnight. These machines might have already been designed to take most of the guessworks from the baking process, but before it is possible to really be a baking specialist, it’s going to likely take countless hours of exercise to make it happen.

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Chracteristics you need certainly to look out for in choosing the finest vacuum cleaner

Diamonds last forever, for that reason women treasure them for life, a fairly similar feeling that mothers want to achieve using a vacuum cleaner. Household tasks certainly are a must-do in our homes regardless of age and sex. Others perhaps lucky enough to have someone do the task for them, but for common folks, cleanup is actually one of those activities that could remain part of the daily routine. None the less, even though you’re on the list of ‘happy’ group, you still can not run away from the responsibility once you moved in to your own property. To make this difficult job easier, you must use the aid of a trusted vacuum cleaner and so going through the best vacuum cleaner assessments is important if you want to pick out one that can provide your expectations.

Much like the variety of products which are coming out, you’ll also find various kinds vacuum cleaner in the market, though the latter is developing way slower in comparison to the previous. But, development being an integrated part of human life, it has always taken course to shape our future. No matter how properly designed a vacuum cleaner is, it may be good today but may be irrelevant tomorrow. That’s why you can find tonnes of vacuum cleaner reviews but you have to take note that say Dyson vacuum reviews that were written two years ago may be irrelevant to the types that are selling in the market presently. Thus, seeking the best vacuum cleaners cannot be categorized as a simple process.

While shopping for the cleaners, there are certainly a thousand and one techniques you should use to save your money. If you would rather store in the mainstream way by visiting reliable stores like Costco in-person, always check for reduced offers utilized within your mail box. But when you shop online often, make sure you browse the prices offered at these several places: Amazon, Most useful Buy and Sears. Amazon has every one of the models that are considered as the best vacuum cleaner models in 2014, and a great majority of the models are offered at a cheaper price. Some on-line suppliers offer discount deals, particularly all through the Black Friday. Of course, the issue to most non-savvy on line shoppers is finding these vouchers.

One key factor that’s to be looked at when choosing a vacuum is the degree of upkeeping required. It is everyone’s desire to have a vacuum that performs wonderfully and at once requires no care at all. But candidly speaking, such expectation might not be reasonable after all. A vacuum is constructed of many complex parts assembled to work together and hence it’s nearly impossible to produce a design that is effective but requires no upkeeping. This is true at least given the present state-of-the-art but obviously no one can forecast exactly what the future will hold. Trying towards finding one that necessitates less but definitely not the least amount of upkeeping would have been a more sensible expectation.

As you can see, there are lots of techniques one can shop for a hoover. It is maybe not about the lack of choosing the most useful vacuum cleaner, but the failure to choose from the numerous affordable cleaners from available stores. The main element is even when you think you’re buying from the big boys for example such as Dyson, it is advisable to do your homework and finding Dyson vacuum reviews shouldn’t be way too hard. On the last note, remember the list of best vacuum cleaners is not the same every year. Your research should include staying at par with the vogues in the 2014 vacuum cleaner evaluations, and remember to stay updated on all the new releases that pop the marketplace together with their opinions.


More useful information can be found at Vacuum Cleaner Reviews HQ

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The one thing you never noticed about “Worst Foods for Your Body”

According to research and some studies, the average waistline of American citizens has been increasing at an alarming speed. As a matter of fact, some publications that are credible rank America to be at the top of the highest obesity amounts on earth. Michelle Obama initiated a program called “Let’s Move” and is one of the high profile attempts to distribute health consciousness among the American people. Due to aggressive drive by such initiatives, I am increasingly becoming a health fanatic. Now, I am extremely cautious in choosing the food that I have. I get more scrupulous when choosing what my children consume. This means there are some foods that I concealed in my blacklist and have distanced myself from. I hope you will avoid these food as much as I avoid them.

Many of us love crackers and biscuits and that is especially true among kidsIt must be quite obvious to you personally that the high amount of salt and sugar contents make crackers and cookies unhealthy option of foodMany of the biscuits and crackers sold in the shop contain unhealthy quantity of trans fat to make the issue worseBut some food manufacturers will make use of a trick to conceal this from you. According to the rules set by USFDA, manufacturers are allowed to attach ‘zero trans fat’ label in their merchandise if each portion contains less than 0. 05 grams of fatInstead of a three biscuit serving, they reduce it to one which brings them under the enforcement, but in essence contain unhealthy levels of fats. Nevertheless, they attach the zero fat labels on their products since it will foster their image and increase sales. It is an intelligent way of enabling so they can attach the zero trans fat label on the goods themselves stay within the USFDA limit that is fat.

Chips are some of the most tempting snacksThese days, it’s not uncommon to find other kinds of chips (in addition to potato ones) on supermarket shelves. Common in supermarkets now are apple chips which are one way consumers attempt overcoming their guilt feelings. Since the famous quotation says an apple a day should keep the doctor away, individuals choose to consider that apple chips that are purchasing is really great for themBut this is far from the truth. The chips sold today include large amount of MSG and artificial ingredients to better their taste.

Hot dogs and sausages may be the most delicious bite as well as the simplest to prepare. It’s no wonderHot should nevertheless be part of the foods that are unflavored if you care about your own health. They are delectable as artificial flavoring as well due to their high contents of salt, MSG. But these are still not the biggest problem related to hot dogsCheaply processed meat combined with potential chemically harmful preservative should get you pause to the choice to keep on eating hot dogs.

Black and decker bread maker
Drinks such as 7-up and Coke are amazing to quench your thirst. Yet, these soda pops can cause damage to your overall health. Among the main reasons is these drinks most likely contain high level of fructose corn syrup that is used as sweetener. Today, most folks have heard about the negative consequences of increased sugar consumption. It’s worth saying that high fructose corn syrup is more dangerous than sugar, and causes great damage to your liver. The acidity levels in the entire body can also increase furthermore causing damage to a person’s liver. A body which has high acidity results in a lower immune system, which gives way to cancer cell creation within the body.

When it comes to unhealthy food choices, these were only some of the foods that may cause harm to your general health and fitness levels. I really could go on forever but the list would never end. But the important point you must remember is that you ought to avoid processed foods as much as you can. The next time you pick up a food item in the grocery store, you should be quite attentive. You shouldn’t fall victim to the fictitious ploys that food manufacturers want you to believe in. Most of the time, the most healthy are plain foods without labels such as those from the farm and homemade ingredient foods. Thus, there is this rule that I have developed myself. I try and learn more regarding the ingredients, when something tastes great.

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My biography

No one will rap you if having gone through the formal years of schooling, you might possibly be thinking that formal office job is everyone’s ideal job but I ought to highlight to you that it really is not my stuff. I used to picture that corporation was the one and only route that everyone has to undertake. At one point of time, I was actually into thinking that many of those going around in their formal office suits and attires were cool. Naturally, I was firmly charged upon college commencement and was determined to map my career success.


Things are not totally the same, or rather are entirely the contrary just two years after. Corporate employment are quite simply not as superb as I pictured them to be. No, I am not failing. I actually got myself into among the many most celebrated companies in the world and that is true, I could well tell you. But the two years I devoted there was really not fun and regardless of how much I attempted to relish my assignment, I simply could not do it until I finally considered I’ve had enough.

Lots of people I talked to label me of acting unpremeditated however I could well assure you that it is not the case and preceding to calling it quit, I carried out my homework and look around my classmates who graduated from the same batch as me. Amazingly, I catch most of them confronting the very same ‘prisoner’ suffering as I did. I can surely ascertain you that money is not the factor in this case. Considering that our nation is still searching ourselves out of the economic slump, we were properly remunerated.

My stint at the office where I worked for was never insecure. However it is the office politics that turned me off. I just cannot be not who I am. I relish getting into discussions but not when it is just for the purpose of disagreeing rather than seeking the best ideas. I take myself 20 and thirty years down the line and imagine how miserable life might possibly be if I had to be stuck in such ‘corporate jail’. I only have 1 life and I should cherish it. Since I have deserted the corporate world, I definitely picture myself not turning back for whatever rationality.

In the 2 years that I had been stuck in ‘corporate prison’, I had accumulated good amount of savings that allowed me to pursue my other love in life and coincidentally, it is the cooking field. As of late, I am spending my days in and out of the kitchen and while fatigued I may be, I am not constantly staring at my wrist watch and wait for the time to touch past 6.


This blog site is penned centered on my individual experience and it is my way of describing my feelings. Take them as my private journal. I’d be over the moon if you tell me that you love my blog. But even if otherwise, worry not and thanks for stopping by.

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