My biography

No one will rap you if having gone through the formal years of schooling, you might possibly be thinking that formal office job is everyone’s ideal job but I ought to highlight to you that it really is not my stuff. I used to picture that corporation was the one and only route that everyone has to undertake. At one point of time, I was actually into thinking that many of those going around in their formal office suits and attires were cool. Naturally, I was firmly charged upon college commencement and was determined to map my career success.


Things are not totally the same, or rather are entirely the contrary just two years after. Corporate employment are quite simply not as superb as I pictured them to be. No, I am not failing. I actually got myself into among the many most celebrated companies in the world and that is true, I could well tell you. But the two years I devoted there was really not fun and regardless of how much I attempted to relish my assignment, I simply could not do it until I finally considered I’ve had enough.

Lots of people I talked to label me of acting unpremeditated however I could well assure you that it is not the case and preceding to calling it quit, I carried out my homework and look around my classmates who graduated from the same batch as me. Amazingly, I catch most of them confronting the very same ‘prisoner’ suffering as I did. I can surely ascertain you that money is not the factor in this case. Considering that our nation is still searching ourselves out of the economic slump, we were properly remunerated.

My stint at the office where I worked for was never insecure. However it is the office politics that turned me off. I just cannot be not who I am. I relish getting into discussions but not when it is just for the purpose of disagreeing rather than seeking the best ideas. I take myself 20 and thirty years down the line and imagine how miserable life might possibly be if I had to be stuck in such ‘corporate jail’. I only have 1 life and I should cherish it. Since I have deserted the corporate world, I definitely picture myself not turning back for whatever rationality.

In the 2 years that I had been stuck in ‘corporate prison’, I had accumulated good amount of savings that allowed me to pursue my other love in life and coincidentally, it is the cooking field. As of late, I am spending my days in and out of the kitchen and while fatigued I may be, I am not constantly staring at my wrist watch and wait for the time to touch past 6.


This blog site is penned centered on my individual experience and it is my way of describing my feelings. Take them as my private journal. I’d be over the moon if you tell me that you love my blog. But even if otherwise, worry not and thanks for stopping by.

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